We carry Cajun lights, Prowler lights, Bandit lights, Bright Eyes Lites, Nite Lites, Western Rivers lights, Night Piercer Lights, and Grain Valley lights.  We can also order other brands.


   Variety of different lights.

   D & R's Belt Lite (21 Volt)
Our Belt Lite is one of the best lite's on the market.  We worked hard & long to make this Lite do what it does and to withstand the performances we put it thru before we introduced it to the coon-hunters market.  This Belt Lite comes with a 3 year warranty, with auto smart changer, walking lite, spare bulb & bump cap.  This lite is very bright and doesn't shoot the bulbs.  We are very proud of this Lite and you may want to try one of these, you might like it.

   Cajun Lites

   Mighty / Max Lites

   Nite Lites


   We carry a full line of replacement batteries for your lights.
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