Dog Accessories

We have many accessories for dogs.  Below are a few of the examples that we have in stock.


Our best selection in high quality dog nutrition, the HI-TEK line is formulated to provide champion performance levels of nutrition. The protein sources are primarily from poultry plus additional quality protein sources. The quality ingredients used HI-TEK will give your dog what it needs to work or play in the most demanding of activities at the highest levels of it's ability. Let's face it, all dogs can't be champions but if the potential is there HI-TEK is the brand that can get you there. It comes in three formulations: Puppy 30-20, Premium 23-14, and Hi-Performance 26-18. Coming soon will be a new Formula 30-20 for the highest level of performance requirements. One of these four will meet the needs of your dog no matter what it's stage of life or level of activity.

Magnum/EAR Remedy,
Happy Jack Products,
Coon & Deer Scent



All kinds of Dog Collars & Leads


Bumper Stickers / Dog Patches


Name Plates (Let us make your personal name tags for you)


License Plate


Dog Show Bench





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